Press Release


Have you been wondering, where’s the flying car you were promised when you were a kid?

The Flying Car Is Overdue

Chances are you’ve always dreamed of a flying car, like in the show “The Jetsons”.  Like most of us, you are probably still dreaming of a flying car. A century ago, when cars had just started to become popular, flying was already getting its start from places like Kitty Hawk, NC with the Wright Brothers.  Airplane technology took off but the flying car; well didn’t develop very quickly, until now. Tomorrow Car is one of the many companies ready to reach the next level.


The Sky’s The Limit

TomorrowCar is taking emerging technologies and integrating them into the next generation of what is being referred to as the Passenger Drone industry. The new Passenger Drones will fly you safely from one place to another and back all using voice commands or smart device technologies.  Safety first, new passenger Drones will include collision avoidance systems currently used in commercial drones and self-driving cars technologies.


Dreams Equal Reality

TomorrowCar is developing affordable Passenger Drones which will be available to everyone.  The idea of a person flying safely from one place to another and back is a game changer. The TomorrowCar passenger drone will start as a recreational vehicle primarily. Today, TomorrowCar is proud to say, we are almost ready to take you soaring into the future, just like in “The Jetsons”.


Why Not Now

The Passenger Drone is being made possible because of advancements in many technologies.  Developments in Artificial Intelligence, self-driving vehicles, commercial drones, battery storage, and, electric motor technology advances make our mission to fly possible.


Passenger Drones

When realized, TomorrowCar will provide state-of-the-art aerial transport vehicles, “Passenger Drones” for the masses. We want to be a major provider of affordable passenger drones.